Common Issues

Weather Direct Systems

Weather Direct devices will generally recover from most anomalies on their own within 24 hours. If your Weather Direct device does not recover on it's own, you may need to power cycle the gateway:
  • Unplug your Gateway for 10 seconds and then plug it back in.
When the Gateway is showing a solid red light:
  • Press and hold the PLUS button on the Display until it beeps (for all audio Weather Direct forecaster units, press and hold SNOOZE until it beeps).

  • Wait 1 minute for the forecast to update (wait 15 minutes for Audio units to update).
Note: If you are already registered with Weather Direct, a SOLID RED LIGHT is normal.

Time Wrong

Weather Direct uses internet time, not atomic. This means minor variance (e.g. in seconds) is normal. If your Weather Direct time is wrong, or does not change for DST within 24 hours:
  • Check to make sure both the weather station and standard Gateway are connected to the internet and communicating with the Weather Direct servers. To verify this, log in to your account at and check the date and time of the Last Seen field for both the Gateway and the weather station.

  • If the Last Seen field of the Gateway is not a current Date/Time value, power cycle the gateway (see above).

  • If the Gateway and Display Have Current Last Seen fields: Make sure DST is checked in your Weather Direct user account for each display you registered.

Registration Problems

Use our illustrated Registration Guide (PDF Download). For help registering:

Lost Forecast (blank boxes on the display)

A Lost Forecast (icons missing from the display) situation can occur when communication is interrupted for any reason (e.g. internet or power go out, batteries fade, components unplugged, etc.) Click on the Lost Forecast guide for instructions.

Severe Weather Alerts, Forecast Alerts, and TX60 Notifications

For help configuring display alerts features, see our Weather Direct Alerts information.

Router Issues

If you maintain a more secure environment, and are comfortable working with advanced network tasks, you may need to update your router configuration. The following document will assist you with this process: Advanced Router Configuration

USB Gateway Does Not Maintain Connection

USB gateway users may experience power management issues. Click here for more information.

Frequently Asked Questions

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